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Essay Writing Pitfalls That You Should Avoid

Essays are a part of our education system from as early as Primary school all the way to Doctorate research. Yet, the experience doesn’t mean that the write my essay isn’t prone to errors. 

Some of these writing pitfalls develop over time, due to negligence or lack of guidance. Other times, it’s due to a lack of a personal effort to improve. 

Recognizing these pitfalls is a huge step in the path of improvement. Here is a list of the pitfalls that essay writers can overcome.

A failure to understand the question

Before attempting to write the essay it is to understand the question or the essay topic itself. One should know what the task is by asking them what the essay wants you to produce. Does it require you to describe, analyze, compare, or explain a thing, phenomenon, idea, or an entity?

Get this first part wrong and your essay will be worthless to the reader, no matter the effort you have put in.  

Poor planning

The second sin of essay writing is no prewriting effort. Before gushing forth ideas onto the paper as they pop up in your head it is important to plan for the essay by brainstorming. 


Brainstorming can be done using mindmaps, bulleting, or a combination of the two. It allows you to put everything that your mind can think of visually on screen or on paper. It is not only a way to know the salient points of your subject. But also a way to realize various relations within the parts of the subject. 


This helps one make a roadmap for the essay to follow write my essay for me. Similarly, when a new idea pops in your head while writing, you will always know where to place it. 

Little Knowledge About Thesis Statement and Topic Sentences

The most important parts of an essay are:


  • The thesis statement in the introductory paragraph 
  • The topic sentences for each of the body paragraphs

Thesis Statement is the announcement of what you are proposing about the subject and what your central argument is about. It is the theme that carries the entire essay, to which every part of an essay is connected. 


The topic sentence comes at the beginning of each body paragraph. It is to that paragraph what the thesis statement is to the entire essay. It also states what the paragraph is going to be about, in light of the central thesis. 


Make these two parts clear, precise, and to the point, as they help to grab the reader’s attention.

Avoidable Lengthy paragraphs

Many people don’t realize the purpose of the introduction and the conclusion. They end up elongating the introduction by weaving a lengthy tale about the subject at hand. Usually, such an introduction reads like an encyclopedia entry and sometimes lacks a good hook. 


An introduction should be short and concise:

  • A hook: A one-line sentence that elicits readers’ attention.
  • A brief introduction: 2-3 lines.
  • A thesis statement: Usually one-line statement but can go up to two. 


Meanwhile, a conclusion’s job is to restate the thesis statement and the various topic sentences. It also ends with a brief resolution or a call for action.   

Analytically Dull

An essay is not restating what others’ take on the essay writing service, it is your work. Lack of understanding and research can lead to an analytically dull essay. Similarly, it also happens when the writer successfully notes down both sides of the argument. But lack the insight to connect them and find or hint towards a resolution. Or when writing reads like a list of ideas, absent of the writer’s personal stance.

Write to infuse your insights into the subject matter; own your essay!

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