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Introduction to Quantitative Research

Quantitative research is a process of collecting and analyzing numerical data. It gathers information using sampling methods such as online surveys, online polls, questionnaires, and manipulating pre-existential statistical data using computational techniques. This research method focuses on gathering numerical data and generalizing it or explaining a specific phenomenon.

The data collection is more structured and statistical in quantitative than qualitative search. In quantitative research, the do my paper provides support when you need to draw general conclusions from your research.

Types of Quantitative Research

Quantitative research collects numerical data using different techniques and then applies statistical methods to drive insights from it. There are four types of quantitative research that researchers use for data gathering.

Descriptive: Provides a description and explores real-life situations and characteristics. Relationships of specific situations, groups, or individuals are described. Describe the current status of a variable, and the data collection is mostly observational in this type.      

Comparative: Systematic investigation of the correlation between two or more variables and explain their relationships in the world.   

Quasi-experimental: Establish a cause-effect relationship between two or more variables. Research is based on an experiment, but random assignment had no role in determining which participants were placed on a particular treatment level.

Experimental: In this type, test a premise and establish a cause-effect relationship among a group of variables by scientific method. It consists of a control group and an experimental group.             

Large Sample Size: Quantitative research is based on large sample size. It is executed on a large number of people. The quantitative research represents the whole target market use in sample size. Most organizations use quantitative research instead of qualitative research because of this characteristic.         

Structured Tools:

The main characteristic of quantitative research is structured write essay for me. Structured research tools like polls, surveys, and questionnaires are used to collect quantitative data. The structure methods help gather actionable and in-depth data from the survey respondents.

With the help of social media, it is easy to reach the vast population and collect data. Through the survey, you can collect a large population’s opinion by displaying survey ads on various platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, etc.

Closed-Ended Questions

Close-ended questions are generated by observing the objective of the research. Close-ended questions are specific and more reliable than open-ended questions. Open-ended question responses are more detailed and require skills to pick out the best answers. Close-ended questions help to collect data, and it is widely used in quantitative research.   

Prior Study

It is another characteristic of quantitative research. Many researchers study the previous research outcome to establish their research problem. The outcome of the research can be used for a previous study of another research. Different factors related to the research subject are studied before gathering feedback from the respondents.  

Quick Data Collection: Quantitative research used a group of the population for data collection. A survey and any other method will conduct and analyze the results of the respondents. It is a straightforward and less time-consuming method.        

Eliminate Bias

Quantitative research provides no chance for direct comments or bias on the results. The results of quantitative research are numerical and equitable in most cases.

Huge Range of Data Collection 

Due to statistical methods, this research method offers a wide scope of data collection. The collection of data in quantitative research is done in real-time and they save the time of the researcher.   

Collect Accurate and Reliable Data

Data is collected, analyzed, and represented in numbers. The results are reliable and trustworthy. The number offers an honest picture of the conducted research without any discrepancies.     

 Tips for Conducting Quantitative Research 

write my essay should follow some tips in mind when conducting quantitative research.

  • Ask simple and right questions
  • Set your goal
  • Choose the right quantitative research method 
  • Use tables to provide exact results
  • Identify the research problem 
  • Understand the importance of timing 
  • Develop a plan for research and analysis

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