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    RE: I did a thing

    Awesome, Amy!! Thanks for sharing this!! I do not have anything specifically for VPNs. There are so many variables that go into what makes a good one. I'm happy to help you come up with something though.  Glad to hear your husband is feeling better!! ...

  • This is AWESOME! Scary too, but mostly awesome. The video and the handouts are excellent. You did a great job of breaking down an overwhelming topic to make it relatable. Thank you! Also, it's very good to hear your husband is back to 100%. You must ...

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    I did a thing

    Hi all, How are you doing? I just finished a class called A Voter's Guide to Data Privacy . It scared me. Thought you might like it (well, you might like being scared). It is on this page: https://www.myboca.us/1912/Civic-Engagement You might have ...

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