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Happening at UML - El Archivo de Connie and Other Stories: A Conversation with Anna Veltfort

  • 1.  Happening at UML - El Archivo de Connie and Other Stories: A Conversation with Anna Veltfort

    Posted 05-26-2021 14:30
    Join us as we delve into the many stories and experiences of Anna "Connie" Veltfort's life, both in Cuba and the United States, as well as the impact of her blog and archive on gaining fresh and nuanced perspectives about art, gender, literature, and the cultural politics of Revolutionary Cuba.

    Thursday, June 10, 2021 at 4:00 p.m. (EDT)


    About Anna Veltfort

    Anna Veltfort, an American Citizen born in Germany, is a writer and illustrator living in New York City. She was a child when, in 1962, her father moved the family to Cuba from the United States in support of the Revolution. Veltfort lived in Cuba for a decade and attended the University of Havana. Her coming of age and education on the island gives a fascinating glimpse into the broader ideological frameworks that shaped Cuba/US relations during the Cold War, as well as her personal journey from being supportive to critical of the Revolution. Veltfort is the author of a popular blog, Cuba: el archivo de Connie, which offers insight into Socialist Cuba in the 1960s, especially with respect to homophobia and violence against LGBTQ youth.

    In 2017, Veltfort's autobiographical illustrated novel, Adiós mi Habana, was published by Editorial Verbum, and in 2019, the English translation, Goodbye, My Havana: The Life and Times of a Gringa in Revolutionary Cuba, was published by Stanford University Press.

    Veltfort recently donated her physical archive to the Cuban Heritage Collection; comprised of over three hundred books, as well as magazines, posters, vinyl, and works on paper, these materials are a unique resource for research and teaching.

    Stefanie Rodriguez
    University of Miami
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