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Keiser University's Human Trafficking Conference

  • 1.  Keiser University's Human Trafficking Conference

    Posted 03-25-2022 06:00

    Event Contacts: Glenn R. Swift (772)323-6925 or Scott Addlesberger (561)818-4995

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    Schedule of Events

    March 29, Tuesday

    Noon – 1pm: Keynote Address/Rebecca McDonald, WAR International /Turner Auditorium 1pm-2pm: Survivor Testimony/Turner Auditorium
    2pm-3pm: Amy Allen, Federal Agent-Trauma Informed Interviewing/Turner Auditorium 3pm-4pm: Rebecca McDonald -Demographics-Lures/Turner Auditorium
    4pm-4:30pm: Break
    4:30pm-5:30pm: Dave Aronberg, State Attorney (PBC)/Turner Auditorium

    March 30, Wednesday

    9am-10am: Selected Course Engagement Session-Medical/Nursing/DeVos 100
    10am-11am: Selected Course Engagement Session-Trauma and Brain Chemistry/DeVos 100 11am-12pm: Selected Course Engagement Session-Unique Ways to Get Involved/Devos 100 1pm-2pm: Scott Addlesberger, Program Director Criminal Justice, KU-Flagship Campus
    2pm-3pm: Sal Hernandez, DeliverFund
    3pm-4pm: SGT Carlos Lisboa, Palm Beach Sherriff's Office/Human Trafficking Task Force 4pm-4:45pm: Department of Homeland Security
    4:45pm-5:45pm: Panel Discussion/Q & A
    5:45pm-6pm: Call to Action - Glenn Swift, Keiser University Department Chair, Social Sciences

    Register in advance for this meeting

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