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REMINDER - Breakthrough Digitization Awards for SEFLIN area institutions

  • 1.  REMINDER - Breakthrough Digitization Awards for SEFLIN area institutions

    Posted 01-10-2022 09:28
    Edited by Anna Arenas 01-10-2022 09:27

    Breakthrough Digitization Awards for SEFLIN area institutions

    Breakthrough awards are intended to support library digitization efforts that have run into roadblocks due to financial shortfall. The purpose of these awards is to provide the necessary resources to get a project to the next level, or ensure the success of projects just shy of completion. Awards will support projects that aim to create and share significant local digital content. Creativity in proposed projects is welcome, and applicants are encouraged to propose novel solutions to their unique situations.

    SEFLIN will offer one-time institution-level awards for an approved fixed cost to applicants who exhibit a need for assistance and can successfully demonstrate how Breakthrough Awards will assist projects to reach the next level of success. Awards will provide support for four cost categories: equipment or supply purchases, personnel stipends, contractual costs, or "mixed approved costs." The Breakthrough Award period will be from 11/15/21 – 7/31/22 and proposed projects must complete Breakthrough-specific tasks within this period.

    Who is eligible?

    Eligible applicants must:

    • Be a Florida Library Information Network member in the SEFLIN region;
    • Have a demonstrable institutional digitization plan;
    • Have resources necessary for the completion of the project, apart from those requested from the Breakthrough program; and
    • Have a project that aims towards the creation and sharing of significant local digital content.

    How much funding is available?

    SSEFLIN has a total of $10,000 available for the 2021/2022 fiscal year. Award amounts will be determined by proposed need and number of eligible applicants. Awards are expected to value between $500 – $5,000 per applicant.

    What expenses are allowable?

    Creativity in proposed projects is encouraged, but the goal of the Breakthrough Awards program is to support the completion of projects that create and/or share significant local digital content. To this end, the four award categories are as follows:

    • Equipment or supplies – for purchases such as scanners, camera lenses, computer peripherals, etc. that would augment the proposer's project.
    • Personnel stipends – for funding of volunteers, part-time work, staff time buyout, etc.
    • Contractual costs – for costs such as consultants, training courses, and the like.
    • "Mixed approved costs" – any costs that would be a combination of the previous three categories, or for other allowable expenses not covered in the other three categories.

    Allowable expenses are subject to compliance with Florida Library Cooperative Grant regulations (see Appendix 1), as well as all applicable State, Local, and Federal law. SEFLIN reserves the right to deny applications that are deemed in conflict with these regulations.

    What is the application process?

    • By Friday, 1/14/2022, applicants must submit a Letter of Intent (500 words max), outlining project purpose and goals, and the proposed Breakthrough Award type and requested award amount.
    • SEFLIN will review all LOIs by 2/4/2022 and invite full proposals from selected applicants.
    • By Friday, 2/25/2022, invited applicants must submit a full proposal including the following sections:
      1. Abstract (250 word max) – full project overview, explaining overall scope, purpose, merit, and impact of the project;
      2. Project narrative (500 word max) – description of how the Breakthrough award will augment the project;
      3. Budget – itemized proposal budget for Breakthrough award portion of the project;
      4. Resources description (500 word max) – outline of current, external resources available to ensure successful completion of the proposed project;
      5. Project Timeline – outline of project timeline with dates for milestones (including Breakthrough required dates – see below); and
      6. Digitization plan – evidence of your institution's digitization plan.
    • All application documents should be submitted to the SEFLIN Director of Staff Development, Joshua Stone, at

    What are the requirements for award recipients?

    If selected, award recipients agree to:

    • Make demonstrable progress in the proposed project over the award period
    • Disburse all Breakthrough funds by 7/31/2022
    • Submit a final report by 7/31/2022

    Important Dates

    • 1/14/2022 – Letters of Intent due to SEFLIN
    • 2/4/2022 – Full proposal invitations distributed on or before this date
    • 2/25/2022 – Full proposals due to SEFLIN
    • 3/1/2022 – Awards made
    • 7/31/2022 – Awardees must have disbursed all Breakthrough funds by this date
    • 7/31/2022 – Final report outlining Breakthrough program's impact on project due.

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