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The Resilience Roadmap and the Breathing Lab Workshops

  • 1.  The Resilience Roadmap and the Breathing Lab Workshops

    Posted 09-15-2021 07:26
    Edited by Anna Arenas 09-15-2021 07:26

    Social Services in Libraries Discussion Group Presents

    The Resilience Roadmap. A Personal Development Workshop For Space Holders 

    Wednesday, September 29, 12 - 3 PM EST 


    In this powerful 3 hour workshop, you will gain impactful tools for a sustainable self-care practice easily integrated into the rhythm of your daily life. Designed specifically for those who are holding space for others, this workshop turns the focus upon ourselves and supports us in re-wiring patterns of stress, anxiety, overwhelm, anger, and depression. You will explore an assortment of tools to glean a deeper understanding of the things that trigger you, why they trigger you, how you show up when triggered, your conflict resolution tendencies, and new ways to navigate these aspects of your human experience with greater insight and freedom.

    If you are passionate about building your self-care tool box, this workshop is for you. You will leave feeling empowered with an entire new array of insights and personal development practices to support your personal and professional lives with greater freedom and less stress.
    Facilitator: Scott Feinberg

    The Breathing Lab. A Breath Work Training To Re-Set & Recalibrate The Nervous System
    Thursday, September 30, 1 - 3 PM EST

    In this provocative 2 hour workshop, we will explore the unique relationship between our breath and our nervous system. We will learn not just about how our breathing can help to regulate our nervous system during times of hyper or hypo arousal, but we will practice the techniques themselves and learn safe and simple tools for breath work facilitation.
    If you are interested in expanding your personal and professional wellness disciplines, this workshop will provide you with new tools to support yourself and others.

    Facilitator: Scott Feinberg


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