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    Posted 02-01-2022 09:14
    Edited by Anna Arenas 02-01-2022 09:13

    February 10, 2022 2:00pm - 4:00pm

    Presenter: Robin Fay


    What is RDA? Why are we using it? Are we using it? RDA brings forth a new way of looking at resources, gives us more options for how we describe resources (catalog!), and moves us more towards the digital future and away from the past of "print / analog as the default view" without abandoning traditional print materials. Join Robin for this session to learn all the basics of RDA and how it moves us forward. 

    Audience: All technical services staff, special collections staff, digital libraries/institutional repository staff, all staff interested in cataloging or resource management. Resources and exercises for post-class work will be provided. 

    Note: No MARC experience needed, but some understanding of MARC records and/or bibliographic data will be useful. Resources and a knowledge check will be provided for post-class work.


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