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Call for Participation - FYE Library Services in the Time of Covid-19

  • 1.  Call for Participation - FYE Library Services in the Time of Covid-19

    Posted 08-31-2020 06:06

    You are invited to consider submitting a presentation proposal.

    ACRL/ALA-RUSA Joint FYE Virtual Program

    First Year Experience Practices during Covid-19 (a Zoom event)

    Thursday, October 8, 2020

    2:00 p.m. ET 



     Introduction of Hosts and Welcome of Attendees & Presenters

    1. Lightning Rounds Presentations
      • Each presentation is limited to 5 minutes regardless of number of presenters per presentation
    2. Q&A Coffee Time -- open discussion - can be extended depending upon interest
    3. Hosts distribute online evaluation via Zoom
    4. Wrap-Up (by hosts) and conclusion



    Due to the unique circumstances of Covid-19 on FYE students,  presentations focusing on how libraries react to the pandemic regarding adjustments of services (reference, instruction, orientation, laptop loaning, book retrieval, etc.) for FYE students.

    Here are a few suggestions -- you are encouraged to be creative!  Remember to keep your presentation related to Covid-19 in some way.

    1.  The first semester in college is stressful enough for freshmen students.  How can/will/has your library ensured that getting library and research help is accessible and offered continuously?
    2. What specific online initiatives has your library implemented to accommodate student-librarian interactions in as a human way as possible?
    3. What service rules and regulations have been relaxed or temporarily waived to help freshmen students get the research help they need?
    4. Has your library increased the availability of online resources (databases, books, articles, videos, etc.) because the library is not physically open?
    5. If the library owns books and course textbooks in print format and located physically on library shelves that the freshmen need, how or what is your library doing to provide access or the materials?
    6. If your library has a laptop loaner program, what has your library or institution done to physically distribute laptops?  What exceptions & flexible policy alterations were necessary?
    7. How has your library adapted in terms of orientation for FY students?


    Please provide:

    • Session title
    • Participants' information (names, emails, institution)
    • 3-5 sentence session description
    • Anticipated learning outcomes for viewers
    • Your presentation will include 5 minutes of non-conflict time to present your topic
    • Please remain for the Q&A Coffee Time at the end of the presentations to answer questions (these will be by voice and via Zoom chat)

     Please avoid:

    • How we did it good stories - discussing failures provide insight to future program development (we've all been there)
    • Self-promotions such as pedaling books/articles
    • Any discussion that is not connected with the topic of the virtual meeting

    This event will not be recorded in order to encourage frank discussion without fear of reprisals.

    Submit a proposal using the following form:

    DEADLINE TO SUBMIT A PROPOSAL IS WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 10, 2020 AT 11:59 P.M.  If your proposal is accepted, you will be notified by email by September 17 by 5pm. This will provide presenters with approximately 3 weeks of preparation time.

    Douglas Hasty
    Head, Access Services Dept
    Florida International University
    Miami FL
    (305) 348-2459