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  • 1.  DYDG Breaking Ground

    Posted 10-20-2020 05:49

    Hello All,

    I hope this day finds you well. Come join our initial conversations to begin development of a pipeline of services for underserved teens in our communities. Be a part of taking action toward decreasing the digital divide and empowering youth to succeed.  This will be our first webinar following our Cultivating Fearless, Mindful Youth and Resilient Communities Conference and we are looking forward to continuing the conversations about STEAM, STEM, trauma informed services, connecting with social service agencies, equity and racial justice for the youth in our communities. Please use the link below to register. Have a great week. Email, with questions and if you would like to join the DYDG.

    Breaking Ground:



    [Melanie Lorraine] [Zaskey]
    Director of Resource Sharing
    SEFLIN (Southeast Florida Library Information Network)
    Boca Raton FL
    (877) 733-5460 (227)