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    RE: Introductions

    Hello Josh, Please excuse my late reply. I was away on medical leave and I am slowly getting back to normal. Re. How did the students react to password managers? Most already know about them, which is a great thing.  Sorry I missed the second webinar. ...

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    In-Person Meeting!

    Hi friends! Just wanted to fill you in on the plan for the next few months. We just had our second webinar (I sent the recording out this morning), and we're not going to have a webinar in December. However, January and February are going to be fun months ...

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    A recent study reveals that low morale is the result of repeated and protracted exposure to emotional, verbal/written, and systemic abuse or neglect in the workplace (Kendrick 2017; access study information at http://bit.ly/2yk5lc0 ). Recent commentary ...

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